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At Web Consultant On Call dot Com we are pleased to present the series of "Non Toxic Building Products" themed websites that promote and are anchored by such companies which we believe to be outstanding in terms of achieving our above stated concern.  Much like a talent scout (talent agent / talent agency) we promote and network you to these manufacturers and retailers directly.  It fits perfectly with our mission to propagate non toxic thinking.

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The Public must demand healthy alternatives: we have the non toxic  materials and we have the Technology.


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Their BRODA Seal Hide Water resistant paint also serves well as a water-resistant primer.

CBR Products manufactures the BRODA line of Low Odour / Low Odour and Low VOC Compliant coatings. Click on this image to visit their web page for AFM Safecoat primers.


EMF & RF Shielding Paint makes an excellent primer to shield against RF and EMF exposure.


Safe Living Technologies Inc. is an EMR Mitigation Specialist serving Canada and the USA. Click on the image to buy EMF Meters.


More about the non toxic theme, did you know that Microwaves are considered a stealth weapon?

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We are pleased to promote, network and sell the complete line of AFM SafeCoat ® Non Toxic Primers.  Their building products are considered to be the best and contain no formaldehyde, have zero VOCvery low VOC or low VOC and are used by and for those with chemical sensitivities.


New Wallboard Primecoat HPV Primer

Usage Information

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Transitional Primer

Usage Information

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


MetalCoat Acrylic Metal Primer

Usage Information

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Meets or exceeds all (US) Federal and State air quality regulations (including California).
Meets and exceeds all Canadian standards including French labeling and packaging.

Exterior Metal Decor + Interior Metal Decor 

Metal Art by


Commemorative Military Apparel


T-Shirts, Shirts, Hats / Caps and more




Get the Donia Difference


Luxury Sales Specialist

Toronto Real Estate

Starbursts Of Conciousness ... Starbursts
By Anica Miter

Of All The Philosphy Books This Philosophy Book Is A Must Read. A learned Friend, Mentor And Guru Told Me That This Book Is The Best Book They Have Ever Read. Buy this book online at the University Of Toronto Bookstore.

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Bee23 Beauty Rewritten: Natural skin care products by Bee 23 Beauty Products. Visit the Queen Bee's Blog by clicking on this image

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We can network you with a full selection of non toxic building products for you to orderPurchases can be delivered to you in about seven to ten days and in some instances, depending upon your location and quantities we can get them to you by the next day.

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